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An international, award-winning, husband & wife wedding photography super team.

With limited availability and extreme attention to detail, we provide our couples with an unmatched one-of-a-kind luxury wedding photography experience. Click here to check our availability for your big day. We accept a maximum of three weddings per month and no more than thirty weddings per year to ensure the highest level of service and dedication to our amazing couples.



We are Lenny and Melissa Volturo and we are wedding photographers based out of New York City and Miami, Florida. We have one singular goal-document the story of couples from one end of the I-95 to the other and beyond.

NYC Wedding Photographer

We're both originally from New York City, we met at the Eltingville train station in Staten Island in 1999 and the rest is history (you can read about our story here). That history, and your history, are why we do what we do. Whether engagement photography or wedding photography, our mission is more than just taking a photo - it is delivering the ultimate experience in order to tell your story. We sit down with every single one of our clients to learn their history, their relationship, and what they care about so that we can collaborate, become friends, and truly do our job as storytellers!

We pride ourselves on being New York Wedding Photographers, and we love using our hometown as a backdrop. Being from here, we know all the "spots" when we're shooting engagement photos in Central Park or under the Brooklyn Bridge. So when we sit down with you to hang out and get to know you, we know the perfect place to get that perfect shot.

Miami Wedding Photographer

We moved to the Miami Area in 2002 and built our business from the ground up when we arrived. Since then, Florida has truly been home to us (well, one of them at least). Another part of why we love this career so much is because it allows us to go back and forth between New York and Florida. Lenny's family primarily lives in Florida, and Melissa's family primarily lives in New York-and considering we're incredibly close to both of them, having the privilege of shooting wedding and engagement photography in both means a lot to us.

We consider Florida home as much as we consider New York home, and know how to utilize it for its setting just as well. From The Addison Boca Raton, all the way down to The Cooper Estate in Homestead-if your story was written in Florida, that's great, because so was ours, and we'll tell that story just as well.

Destination Wedding Photographer

Alright, we have to admit, one of the best perks of what we do is that we get to travel. Besides hopping back and forth between our families in New York and Florida, we've had the privilege of shooting in Jamaica, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Chicago, St Louis, Key West, Key Largo, Islamorada, and more. It doesn't matter where you're getting married, we'll still do our job the same way-setting is only one part of the story after all-and we love when we get the opportunity to shoot somewhere new!

Candid Wedding Photos

Don't worry, your Uncle Tony won't be able to complain about not being in any of the photos. Part of the fun of our job is the candid side, the part where we are everywhere at your wedding, ensuring we're getting all of those sweet, sweet candid moments captured. We're going to give you a heads up now, your wedding day is going to be pretty hectic. The day will be long, you're going to be tired, and your schedule will have no regard for the prior. You may forget about that moment when your Great Aunt Josephine started crying when she saw you in your dress. You may have been in the bathroom when your cousin Anthony started breaking out those dance moves that haven't touched a dance floor since 1995. Don't worry, we've got it covered. Your job is to enjoy your special day, our job is to capture all of it to ensure you can look back on it. We'll ensure that years later when you're sitting down with your little nieces after they're no longer "little", you can show them that moment when they were hanging out with your dress prior to you wearing it.

Award Winning Wedding Photographers

Humble brag time. We're proud to say that we've received our fair share of awards and have been published a nice amount of times as well. We've won 8 Shutterfest Vision awards including 1st place in the Bride or Groom Alone category (the trophy is pretty badass), and 2nd place in the Engagement Photography category. We've received the highest score in the Wedding Couple Together during live judging at image competition. We've also proudly won the Weddingwire Couples Choice award. Further, we've won Expertise Best of Fort Lauderdale Award. Looking for publications? We've got them-we were featured writers for Shutter Magazine, the largest photography education magazine. (so you may have seen some of our stuff on the stands in Barnes and Noble). We're also ambassadors for Spiderholster and have been featured in the best photographers in the world campaign for Profoto, the largest lighting manufacturer in the world. Maybe one of your wedding or engagement photos will be our next award winning or published photo!

NJ Wedding Photographer

Growing up in New York, New Jersey was like our backyard and we've done plenty of traveling and shooting throughout it. Whether it's utilizing the beaches while shooting South Jersey Wedding Photography or the historic areas for Weehawken Engagement Photography-even the coastline and the NYC skyline for Hoboken Engagement Photography. We consider all of the tri-state our home, not just NYC, if you're looking for a New Jersey Wedding Photographer-mission accomplished, you found us.