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Check out what makes Katie Kauffman of Cheer & Dear an excellent choice for all of your wedding and event planning needs...

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What makes you, you? What are the words that friends, family, clients would use to describe you? How would you describe yourself?

I feel like I’m always learning more about who I am! People who know me well say that I’m super sweet, thoughtful, welcoming, wise and down to earth. I’d say I’m a perfectionist trying to embrace the imperfect. I’m also hard working and I don’t give up on things I really want. That’s how I got my husband ;)

My husband and I are passionate about creating community. We love to host people for dinner and parties, and we always welcome others along into our plans. This city can be a lonely place, so we make it our mission to connect others.

I’m accepting and personable, and believe everyone is valuable and worthy of love. I really love helping people- like a lot- and I have a big place in my heart for the hurting and broken. I’m very sympathetic to people who don’t have a lot of money, and always try to help them if I can. And if I didn’t have bills to pay, I’d volunteer to help every person I know plan their wedding :D

I’m creative and super resourceful (half of the things in our Brooklyn apartment are from Craigslist or I DIY’d). I love redeeming run down, beat up things, and am great at seeing the potential in something. I’m a DIY pro. I grew up making crafts out of things I found around the house, and that ingenuity definitely stuck with me.

Clients say that I’m personable, sweet and helpful and organized. They say I give great advice and that my business name fits me well- I’m a cheery, smiley person :)

NYC Wedding Planners

Who is your client?

My client is the average, everyday couple. The down to earth, sensible, DIY couple and host.

It’s people (couples and hosts) who are on a budget and who want to celebrate special occasions without breaking the bank. It’s the couple who is super in love and just wants to get married and isn’t trying to put on a huge production, but who still values beauty and thoughtfulness. It’s the mom who wants a nice birthday party for her kid but doesn’t have a ton of time.

Style: they’re semi-traditional, classy but still a little modern, and they like to have fun. They like to try new things and aren’t afraid of color.

What types of services do you provide?

I plan weddings and private events including month-of coordinating, partial planning and event design/day-of styling.

For month-of coordinating (also known as day-of), I gather all the details you’ve already planned and manage them of your wedding day. We create a day-of timeline together for you and your vendors, and in the process we work through any small details that might have been overlooked. I am your point person for any of your questions or needs not only on the wedding day, but also beforehand, and should anything go wrong on your big day, I will fix it right away. I make sure everyone involved in your wedding (the wedding party, family and vendors) knows what they should be doing, so you can relax and focus on your partner.

Partial planning has all of the benefits of month-of coordinating, but also includes help with the design of your wedding, finding vendors that can match your style and budget, and ongoing support during the planning process. I walk you through a wedding planning checklist and am more involved in the planning overall. This means more help, tips and advice, which makes planning easier and more successful.

Event Design and Styling is all about the aesthetics of your wedding. With event design, we talk about your style and vision for the event, and I bring it to life. I create a custom mood board for your wedding, and together we decide on everything from invitations and attire, to flowers and table settings. On your wedding day, I oversee the setup of your ceremony and reception to make sure everything comes together well. This includes day-of styling, where I personally arrange your decor and details, and fine tune any work done by your vendors. You can have confidence that everything will look perfect.

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What sets you apart from other wedding planners? Define your X-factor.

I really see myself as a skilled, experienced friend who comes alongside the couple not only to help and support them in the planning process, but also to cheer them on and truly celebrate with them. I see myself as a “behind the scenes maid of honor” who has their back, cares for them, and who they can go to for anything.

How will your clients connect and relate to you?

I think mostly through my personality, but also through my values. I value relationships, affordability and beauty.
I connect a lot with my clients when we talk about their relationship. It’s fun to share stories of how we met our significant other, what made us fall in love with them, and what they do that drives us crazy- there’s almost always a common thread there ;D
I also know what it’s like to be planning a wedding on a small budget but still wanting it to be beautiful. I understand what it’s like to be pressed for time, and the stress of trying to coordinate everything yourself as a bride. And I know there’s complicated family/friend/relationship situations that come up when planning a wedding. I’ve been there, and I not only want to help my clients plan a great wedding, but also make it a peaceful journey there.


Brooklyn Wedding Planner

Specialty - what are you passionate about?

My specialty is event design and creation. I love the ideas part of the planning process- coming up with something unique, fun and beautiful. Themes, table settings, details, all of the above.

What’s your why?

I’m passionate about bringing people together and creating beautiful spaces, and those two things perfectly collide in event planning.
I really believe that thoughtful and beautiful events make people feel special, and I love making people feel special! I want to create events that inspire people when they walk into the room, that feel magical and inviting. And I want those events to be spaces where real and meaningful relationships are built. I know firsthand how much work goes into planning an event, and I want to come alongside people in that process so that celebrating life is a gift and not a burden.

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