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Enhance your wedding story with a stunning cinematic wedding film. Our team has been working together for 15 years and our films are the perfect compliment to your wedding photography. We'll create your film with multiple cinematographers, aerial shots, custom music, and much more. Below is a sampling of our cinematic films and highlight trailers.

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Natalie & Josh | Woman’s Club | Miami


Indira + Luis | The Addison | Boca Raton

Francis + Rolando | Casa De Campo | Dominican Republic

Indira + Luis | The Addison | Boca Raton | Trailer

Esther + Joel | Deer Creek Country Club | Deerfield Beach

Amber + Michael | Thalatta Estate | Miami

Shamira + Jamar | Trump International Beach Resort | Miami

So you know that photos are a must at your wedding—and you’ve chosen your photographer. Next step? Choosing a videographer.

“Do we really need a videographer?”

I mean that’s for you to decide—but let us make the case of why we feel it’s important.

Reason 1: The Rush

So how long have you been planning this wedding? A couple months, a year, more than a year? You’ve meticulously planned every aspect of what will be one of the most meaningful days of your life. Here’s the harsh reality—once that day arrives—it’s going to fly by in what feels like seconds. As a couple, you’ll be ushered from one part to the next—all while being filled with an overabundance of emotions. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re going to miss things. Maybe one of those things is grandma tearing up as she listens to your vows, or your little cousin breaking out some sick break-dance moves while you were in the bathroom. That’s where a videographer comes in: they’re your other set of eyes. They have one primary goal—capture the big moments and the small, and put them together into a tidy package that allows you to look back in time whenever you’d like. Don’t you want to time travel?

Reason 2: A Cinematic Experience

Have you ever sat down and wondered who would play you in a movie about your life? Well the casting has been done—and the answer is you. The wedding video we’re talking about isn’t the old school wedding video that your parents have stuck on a VHS sitting in their closet with its cheesy music and awkward interviews. We’re talking a cinematic movie, that just so happens to be your wedding—with multiple cinematographers, aerial shots, custom music, and much, much more. The type of video to still make you cry when you watch it on your 40th anniversary. A cinematic experience that connects all the pieces of that day—so you can relive it whenever you need that lift in your week.

“Alright, alright—you’ve convinced us. I guess I should start googling videographers?”

Stop—step away from the Google search bar and let’s talk a little about the importance of your photographer and your videographer working well together. Let's put this into perspective—they both have a similar job that is completely focused around capturing the best moments that represent your special day. So on the day of your wedding, that first kiss as a married couple is about to happen. Both your photographer and your videographer, who have never worked together before, are trying to get the perfect shot.

Instead, our team has been working together for 15 years. We work under one cohesive vision, and have a workflow that allows for both the perfect shots and the perfects takes to take place. When we walk into a wedding together, we have the same cohesive ideas in mind—and ensure that your day is successfully captured between photo and video. We know how to communicate well with each other, and understand what each half of the teams requires to do their job well. And then—there’s the work. We work with the videographers on our team because they do the same quality of work of which we require of our photos. For that, we’ll let that work speak for itself.