Top 5 things you need to consider before booking your MIAMI wedding photographer


The truth is, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your Miami wedding photographers. More than most people realize. From that initial meeting to emails planning your day, working together on the engagement session, the wedding day, selecting your artwork, and planning your wedding album. Your Miami wedding photographers plays a major role in the overall wedding process. Making sure they have a personality that you connect with is crucial. It is something that shouldn’t be ignored. That is why we take the time to get to know our clients and allow them to see whom we are to make sure we’re a great fit and have a connection. Do not discount making that connection.


Cost is definitely important when researching and selecting a Miami wedding photographer. However, cost shouldn’t be the only factor when deciding on your Miami wedding photographer. We have all heard those nightmare tales from brides that are making their decision on wedding photography simply on cost alone. Studies have shown that the number one thing brides say they would have changed when looking back at their wedding is “I wish I spent more money on photography.” It’s the one keepsake you will have when your wedding day is over. It’s how you will relive that day for generations to come.


How will you showcase all of your great images? A gorgeously designed hand made wedding album is the perfect way to tell the story of your day. Your Miami wedding photographers should be providing you with a high quality wedding album. Also being able to create an album that really showcases who you are and your style is something to look for as well. From many unique leathers, to a variety of sizes, and cover options; your wedding photographer should be able to provide you with all of these great options for your wedding album.


Make sure you have a discussion with your Miami wedding photographers about the timeline of your day to see how much time is needed to capture your story. See how much time they are offering versus how much time you need. To fully tell your story you should have your Miami wedding photographer there to capture the getting ready process through the key moments of the reception. That is what you’re hiring them for. So make sure they are there to document the whole story. A typical wedding day requires 8-10 of wedding photography coverage to document the day. Be careful as some Miami wedding photographers offer lower prices and skimp on the coverage only to surprise you with more fees later to add on the amount of coverage you really need.

Two MIAMI wedding Photographers?

With all of the details and candid moments during a wedding, you should have at least two shooters there to document your day. Be sure to ask if it is actually two shooters or one photographer with an assistant. This allows the wedding photographer to be focused on you and to direct you and your group while allowing your second shooter to continue capturing moments. Thus ensuring all of your wedding photography needs will be met and nothing will be missed on your special day.