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Vizcaya Engagement Photos

Nicole & Mark

Vizcaya Engagement Photos

What specifically was your favorite part about your engagement session with Lenny & Melissa?

Going into our shoot we were both pretty nervous, as we’ve never had professional pictures done. Lenny & Melissa cracked jokes the whole time and made us feel so comfortable. Their attention to detail was incredible! They knew exactly what shots would work before we got there.

Funny or memorable moments during your engagement session?

Lenny was in the process of getting a really cool wind blown shot. Only problem was the wind was also taking my dress with it! Melissa crouched down and held my dress down so we could get an amazing picture! #commitment

What were you most anxious, nervous or fearful about prior to your session and what was the outcome?
We both felt we would look awkward and uncomfortable in the pictures and it was making us super anxious. The second we took our first picture, we calmed down and they were better than we could have imagined!

Do you feel more relaxed and prepared for your wedding photos after your engagement session?
We would highly recommend anyone doing a shoot with their photographer before the wedding. After our engagements shoot with Lenny & Melissa, it does not feel like we have the people we hired coming to take pictures, it feels like friends!

What do you think our future clients should know about the experience you had with us?
We heard about Lenny & Melissa through my cousin. She got married in August 2015. The day was beautiful but she did not have much to show for it as her photographer soon disappeared. It turned out more than 20 brides had gotten scammed by this photographer. The brides went to the news for help. Help arrived in the form of Lenny & Melissa! They saw the story online and soon reached out to the brides to see if they could be of assistance. My cousin soon had a beautiful album to remember her wedding day. She passed along their info and we knew we had to pay it forward by meeting with them. We instantly connected and knew they would be a great fit. We did not even meet with anyone else after them. Anyone that could do such an amazing deed was someone we wanted to work with! The photos they take are unique and dramatic. Their attention to detail is incomparable. They are quick to respond and accommodating to my crazy bride questions! We cannot wait to see the amazing memories they capture on our wedding day.

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