new york engagment photographer

Riverside Park NYC Engagement Photography

Mandy & Marvin

What do you think our future clients should know about the experience you had with us?

It's ok to be nervous but truly believe the anxiety falls right out the window shortly after meeting with them. They want what you want. They want for you to be happy and love your photos and if you trust them, they won't disappoint you! They're also very open to your ideas and will do their best to meet your needs. 

What specifically was your favorite part about your engagement session with Lenny & Melissa?

Both of us loved how careful and creative they were during the shoot. Nothing was rushed or done carelessly. 

Funny or memorable moments during your engagement session?

Lenny has a pretty cool sense of humor and Melissa encourages/feeds into it.  They compliment each other and work well together. They've created such a great team amongst each other its contagious. 

What were you most anxious, nervous or fearful about prior to your session and what was the outcome?

We were most anxious about how to pose, what it will look like, and how to smile. WE LOVE OUR PHOTOS!!

Do you feel more relaxed and prepared for your wedding photos after your engagement session? Tell us all about it

We are absolutely confident our wedding photos will be gorgeous. Both Marvin and I love candid photos. Lenny and Melissa exceeded our expectations. We're really looking forward to the wedding photos.