Bill Baggs State Park Engagement

Isabella & Erik

Bill Baggs State Park Engagement

What specifically was your favorite part about your engagement session with Lenny & Melissa?

Tuuuurtle turtle! 🐢 jk.

(Isa) I was really nervous how everything was going to turn out. I wanted the pictures to look beautiful. I was afraid it was going to be awkward but Lenny and Melissa really made us feel comfortable. Erik and I were able to be silly and ourselves. It really did just flow. They showed us some basic tips which including "turtling" that we particularly found entertaining.

Funny or memorable moments during your engagement session?

(Erik) Two funny moments for me during the photo shoot were when I almost fell on the path to the beach and when I almost dropped Isa when doing the dip for the dance on the beach as my foot sunk into the sand at that same moment.

What were you most anxious, nervous or fearful about prior to your session and what was the outcome?

(Both) We were both pretty nervous and self conscious as to how we would look in the photos but Lenny and Melissa made us feel comfortable and relaxed. We couldn't be happier with our pictures!

Do you feel more relaxed and prepared for your wedding photos after your engagement session? Tell us all about it

Yes definitely! We can read Lenny and Melissa's minds during the photo shoot and we work very well together. We're excited for our wedding pictures!